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kill me.

2017-02-04 15:13:53 by SuddenDeath20


For a FL Studio download. And I don't have any money or a credit card to pay for it so I can use it. Just fantastic. :(


2017-01-19 19:03:54 by SuddenDeath20


Really, since I returned to newgrounds I played games. They're all really interesting. I wish I could make a game like those. Ah, well. What's done, is done. I'll just be a player and movie reviewer :)

Until I'll post my next song, what will it be? Either Dubstep of another New York Hip Hop style next? If both on either one, I'll get on it. :D

First News Post.

2017-01-10 19:50:10 by SuddenDeath20

So I've been concerned... is the unknown artists gonna get feautred and noticed in months or years? Because it's my first experience on making audio and trying to make friends here.

- SuddenDeath20 (Mr. Yovonni648)